I’m pretty sure I’m two entries short of completing Holidailies, but given the extraordinary circumstances of the past month, I think I did well.

Of course, most of these entries were filler — when in doubt, post some audio!

I think the topic whiplash of this past month is revealing — first I talk at length about the death of my dad, then the instant I start working on music, he doesn’t come up again. (I guess I’m not going to write that entry about how he ends up in my dreams for Holidailies. Maybe later.)

The story I’ll stick to is that I spent a month back home in a pretty sub-optimal emotional environment, and I was all too eager to jump back into life as I’d known it.

Mostly, it’s because I treated myself to some toys that really unleashed the creativity, something that wasn’t much of an option during the lean times of the Fucking Recession. (Great, my ass.) I needed that.

Who knows if I’ll do Holidailies again? Maybe next year, I’ll post to my neglected tech blog.