Holidailies ends this week, and for this final stretch I’m going to be lazy and just post audio files.

Because really — that’s pretty much the big thing happening in my life right now. The life of a mad genius doesn’t make for interesting reading. (Unless you’re more “mad” than “genius”.)

This time, I’m not going to post music written by me. Instead, I’ll rely on Beethoven for that.

Back in the summer, I dropped $200 on an orchestral sample library called Miroslav Philharmonik. It covered a lot of ground for that price point, which is to say, it didn’t catch everything. I’m not sure whether I could use this library to reproduce contemporary works.

Not being completely satisfied, I dropped another $300 on the Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold. That was half off the usual price. I haven’t managed to finish inputting the score of a major work with this library. Maybe that’s what I should do when I get sick of remixing.

Here, then, is the third movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C-minor:

And the fourth, which is a lot more substantial:

The two movements segue, so I’m including them both.

And no, that’s not a live orchestra.