I gotta say … this past decade sucked.

I’m not talking about the world at large. I mean, come on — we’re talking about two terms of George W. Bush here.

I mean, personally for me.

I started the decade without a job. I went into deep credit card debt, mostly because my car decided to break down before I could get back on my feet.

Then I spent seven years at a job that underpaid me and under-utilized me. I would have left sooner if it hadn’t been for the Bush Recession.

I’m still in debt, and because I’m actually trying to live within my means, I’m realizing my means are pretty narrow for what I want to do in life.

I didn’t date. Heck, I didn’t even prowl.

And I hate living in Austin with the intensity of a gamma ray burst. Cedar season is here. Then oak. Then summer. Just shoot me now. I didn’t leave Honolulu just to be stuck in fucking Texas for 13 years.

If I got anything out of this decade, it’s a ton of music and two novels. Not that I’ve done much either, but it’s more creativity I accomplished than college.

This next decade, things will need to change. I’ll fucking punch the ’10s in the dick if they don’t.