If I had to sum up 2010 in a word, it would be "new". Or possibly "change". It certainly felt like a transitional year.

Back at around tax season, I went LCD and bought myself a new computer monitor and television. The monitor gave me enough desk space to move my mixer front and center, while the television made me realize just how behind the times I was in terms of entertainment options. The fact I can hook my old computer up to the television with a VGA cable blew my mind — and VGA is so 2005.

I’m not quite ready to jump on the Bluray bandwagon just yet, especially since I have a collection that includes DVDs from multiple regions. I don’t want to end up with something that can’t play my Cocco music videos. But it’s nearly a year, and I still need to upgrade my TiVo.

In July, I got myself a new job, and with it, a few new skills. No longer am I dependent on phpMyAdmin — the MySQL command line is no longer daunting to me. I also get the XKCD joke about "sudo make me a sandwich".

The job also put me in a position where I had to work within a codebase not designed by myself. I still don’t have a mental picture of all the moving parts in this application, but I do get a sense the design complexity. The code itself is a mess, but the application runs pretty well in spite of it.

The new job allowed me to get a new computer, which in turn let me upgrade a whole bunch of software and to invest in others. As a result, my demos sound closer to final drafts than they ever have, despite the fact I suck at playing guitar. Perhaps in the future I’ll be able to record a concept album akin to 「加爾基 精液 栗ノ花」 by 椎名林檎 or In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. Or maybe a symphonic work. I’ve got the sample library to do it.

All these "new" things makes me think 2010 was the start of some sort of transformation. Into what? I’m not sure.

I guess that’s what 2011 is for.