This song is not part of the Restraint remix project, but it will be included in a future remix project. Some artists brag about having X number of albums’ worth of material to release, but that just means they haven’t yet edited the junk to get the one album out of it.

That may be the case for me as well because I actually do have about four albums of material in my repertoire, two of which have already seen an early draft release (Imprint and Restraint.) That doesn’t include the smaller EPs and various other flotsam and jetsam.

“Untold Demons” is actually a rewrite of the very first song I ever wrote. The original was embarrassingly bad, but there was a kernel of an idea that I adapted to how I would write to day.

I enjoyed indulging in some mid-80’s Heart on this song, and it was the first to alert me to the potential of Battery and Guitar Rig.

Here’s the remixed track: