I am officially five entries behind in my Holidailies updates, so it’s time for some filler.

I’ve spent the last few days playing with one of my new toys, Guitar Rig 4 Pro. The version of Cakewalk SONAR I have includes a limited edition version of Guitar Rig 3. When I bought my new computer in August, I finally had the processing power to try it out, and I got hooked enough to want to buy the full version, which I did on 黒い金曜日.

Now I’m going back to my demos and recording guitar parts where my limited playing ability can accommodate. On Friday, I realized I could probably go back and remix an entire album I’ve already released, titled Restraint. I already remixed two tracks from the album with Guitar Rig 3. Now I’m doing the same with the other tracks.

Some of them don’t have guitar parts, so I went ahead and just remixed those outright. I’ve put in some full days this weekend, nearly turning down a social engagement yesterday (which, in retrospect, I should have.)

So I’m going to post some of the tracks on which I’ve been working.

The track that started me down this mistaken path of remixing an entire album is “The One to Make You Whole”. It’s the opening track on Restraint. All the guitar parts on the original are faked with Propellerhead Reason, so it’s nice to hear the song as it was originally intended. I’ve also remixed the drum parts using another new toy, Battery 3.

Of course, I’m not a completely competent guitar player, so any parts with arpeggios are still played by Reason. I just try to make it sound as guitar-like as possible with Guitar Rig.

Here’s the remixed track:

There are few things I still need to do — replace the piano part with a live performance rather than MIDI, clean up some sections. But it’s a good start.