Early last year, I thought I found a replacement for the green jacket. At that point, I was well ensconced in the 200s of my weight. I needed a new green jacket — which turned out to be blue — because I had grown out of it. As I would later discover with the new jacket, it didn't handle a shift from cold to warm temperatures as well. The green jacket does great in chilly weather, and when fortified with layers, it holds against some downright cold temperatures as well.

Last year, I didn't take out the new jacket all that much. The winter was really temperate, and since I had started my exercise regiment in Fall 2007, I could actually fit back into my green jacket again. So in reality, I haven't really worn the new jacket since I bought it nearly two years ago.

I took it out today in order to brave the rock bottom temperatures this morning, and I made a startling discovery. The jacket didn't fit me — it was too big! Damn, I thought to myself, this thing is hardly hugging my body. How is it going to keep me warm?

Despite the loose fit, the lining of the jacket kept me remarkably warm, especially with a sweater serving as a second layer. But I have to admit I'm slightly disappointed. I like this jacket, even if I don't get much chance to use it. But now that it's too big — or I've gotten smaller — the fit that won me over no longer applies. I'm keeping it around, though, because it kept the cold out, and that's pretty important for a jacket.

A few days ago, I took out a clean pair of jeans from the closet and did the ritual filling-of-the-pockets — wallet, phone, pen, keys, lighter, breath strips. I put the jeans on because I was on my way to do an errand, and I hadn't yet looped the belt. Without it, the jeans needed just a slight tug to fall off. Another bittersweet victory! It looks like I can fit into a smaller size jean. But dammit, I made my last long-awaited downgrade back in April, which I should have done back in October 2007. Again?

About two weeks ago, I went to Azul Tequila for dinner with Double-A. We went to Target afterward because I wanted to find some sweatshirts so I can go to the gym in cold weather. I usually go for extra large, but when I tried one one, it looked like a potato sack. For amusement, I also tried out a small, and while the fit seemed flattering enough — through margarita goggles, at least — I didn't want something so tight on me while I worked up a sweat. So I bought a pair of large sweatshirts.

Haven't worn them yet because I've so far chickened out of going to the apartment gym in cold weather. (That doesn't mean I'm not working out — I have a pair of dumbbells I use in the apartment on such inclement nights.)

I could maybe trade all these extra large t-shirts in my wardrobe for large, but I don't like clothes that cling to my body. It feels restrictive and itchy. So I wear what I've been wearing.

A downward change in wardrobe size is empirical evidence my workout regimen has indeed worked, as if the scale reading weren't enough to indicate as such. But it's a hassle too. Clothes are a low priority in terms of budget — practically no prirority next to gear, music and software — so these sizes changes come at a time when I'm not really flush with cash. (But when am I ever flush with cash?)

I also don't really want to commit to a wardrobe overhaul till I've gotten past this plateau that has me stuck at 170. My aim is approximately 155 to 160 (more likely 160.) That's when I'd like to show off for real. And what's not to say any new clothes I get now won't face a similar situation if when I reach that goal? Therein lies the conundrum.

I didn't mind it this much when I was getting bigger. Probably because a lack of work went into achieving that girth, and it happened over time. I've went in the other direction in the course of a year. That's kind of drastic.