I think I can now use the fourth notch on my belt loop. I don't know what that means in terms of a waist size, since I haven't actually measured myself with a tape measure. (Must remember to get one from the Target.) I do know that if I don't use a belt, my pants will fall off my waist. Back in August, my size 38 jeans were feeling a bit too snug. Now on this last day of October, my jeans don't fit but for the opposite reason.

That's progress, right?

Despite the obvious need for a fitting pair of pants, I refuse to get new ones. I bought new jeans back in August — when I thought the old ones shrunk instead of my just getting fatter — and I'm not going to waste them. If I continue to lose weight, I don't want to buy a pair of jeans that fit now, only to find they too fall off my waist a few months later. (A friend of mine suggested shopping at Goodwill.)

No. I need to save my pennies for other things, like software upgrades and the Waterloo Records storewide sale.