Last week, I dismissed the results of an experiment where I used Slim Fast for a week. Almost immediately after I abandoned the experiment, I registered a three-pound loss, and for the week after, I've stalled at the same weight for a number of days. I wonder, then, if that week on Slim Fast really did work.

The drop is the probably the steepest I've had since I started tracking. My last significant drop was right before my eating and workout schedule went to hell with aGLIFF. This past week, I've been watching my portions again, actually bringing leftovers to work for lunch.

I know weight loss has certain plateaus, and it looks like I'm in the middle of one right now. At the same time, the week on Slim Fast felt like an eternity. The lack of variety in flavor drove me to eat big, unhealthy dinners, and in that way, the shakes-only diet doesn't work.

So for this week's experiment, I'm going to use the shakes for breakfast only, and I'll continue to bring leftovers for lunch. The unintended effect of these experiments, though, is fewer trips to the ATM — I'm spending less on food at the cafeteria.