I tried an experiment this past week — I bought a bunch of Slim Fast shakes and followed the plan on the box. I had a shake for breakfast and lunch with snacks in between and a big dinner at the end of the day. By the end of the week, I had managed to disrupt the downward trend of my weight loss moving average with an uptick.

The program may be effective purely as a concept — low-calorie shakes and snacks to stave off hunger would certainly facilitate a calorie deficit. By psychologically? I was so craving for something with taste that when I went out to dinner on Wednesday to an Indian restaurant, I gorged. And last night, as I was wrapping up the experiment, I indulged in a pizza.

Thing is, I've actually been doing very well with just cutting out ice cream, fast food and packaged food from my eating habits. Getting rid of taste from my eating habits, however, is an even greater invitation to fail. And believe me — those shakes me claim to be "creamy chocolate", but they're pretty nasty.

I have three cans left of the two packages I bought. I'm inclined to pour them down the drain.