I'm jotting these figures down to rattle off to my mom. The blood work from my most recent doctor's visit came back.

  • Total cholesterol: 196 (max. 200)
  • Triglycerides: 116 (range: 35-160)
  • HDL (good cholesterol): 35 (min. 40)
  • LDL (bad cholesterol): 138 (health max. 130, hypertension range 80-100)
  • Blood sugar: 91 (range: 70-100)

In short, my cholesterol is not in a good way. My doctor now wants me to add over-the-counter baby aspirin (81 mg) to my blood pressure medicine regimen, and in three months, she wants more blood work.

Although my immediate goal with exercising is to bring my weight down below 200 lbs., I now have the more long-term goal of getting those cholesterol numbers changed.