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There’s an attribution for this joke, but I’ll find it later.

Q: What’s Bush’s stance on Roe vs. Wade?

A: He doesn’t really care how people get out of New Orleans.

A depressing thought …


Between the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, a drawn-out war in Iraq, and now, two benches on the Supreme Court open, I look at the calendar and say, “It’s only 2005.” Three more years left in this administration. Will any of us make it out alive?

I read the news today, oh boy


I usually don’t get too meta when public figures die, but I have to say, I am pretty bummed about the passing of Peter Jennings. I’m no fan of broadcast news — oh, hell, I’m a print snob, truth be known — but Jennings had the coolest head. He had that kind of graceful delivery that’s far above the screedy anchors on the cable networks, and that kind of class is all too rare in broadcast journalism.

Ibrahim Ferrer also passed away this weekend. I don’t listen to Cuban son, and I’m ambivalent about the Buena Vista Social Club’s recordings. But the story of Ferrer and his cohorts achieving success at a point of in their lives when their dreams seemed so distant is inspiring. It’s sad he’s gone, but it’s nice he got to play at Carnegie Hall.

Home English Home


I was rather sad when I discovered is no longer running. America Kokki was the home of Home English Home, the only piece of Flash animation to make me lose it. I thought surely this Interweb masterpiece is archived somewhere? The Internet Archive Wayback Machine wasn’t much help, and most of the search results on Google pointed to the original page.

I did, however, find one site that saved both lessons on its own server. For the sake of posterity, I will redouble their efforts by archiving these files on my site as well. Learn English now!

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

WTF thoughts on matrimony


It occurs to me …

… it would be nice if gay marriage were to become socially acceptable, because then it could lead way to arranged gay marriages. And mail-order husbands.

What a day it would be when I can sit in a movie theater to watch a comedy of errors about an arranged gay marriage. Or an episode of a crime drama centered around a mail-order husband.

Wait right here, I’ll be right back


I have a lot of reasons why I have a draconian relationship with phones and e-mail.

Avoiding a 24/7 work week is one of them.

I learned a long time ago the office needs to stay at the office, so the only non-office contact number I give is my residential land line. I don’t check work e-mail at home, mostly because I’m not set up for it, which of itself is a way to keep distance.

It helps that I’m not in a management position, and that too is deliberate. I don’t believe in climbing a ladder to be more successful — I move laterally.