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Inevitable discovery

Vital Signs

Inevitable discovery is a term I learned from watching too much Law & Order. Although the concept has a specific definition in legal circles, there’s an underlying idea that I guess could be analogous to the notion of fate.

If a set of circumstances would have prevented an outcome from happening, could it still eventually happen through the normal course of events?

Today, I am a web developer at a technology company. I became a web developer because I saw limited opportunities at my former newspaper job. I ended up at the paper because of an internship program to which I was accepted after college. I applied for the internship because I was confident my experience with the college daily paper prepared me. I worked at the paper because I was encouraged to pursue journalism as a course of study. I studied journalism because a number of people saw I had a talent for it.

One of those people was Robin J. Gould. She taught the first journalism course I took in college. She served as adviser for the student newspaper during the two years I was working as desk editor. She was, in short, my rabbi. (Another term I learned from Law & Order.) We lived through a lot of bullshit bureaucratic drama, thus developing a kinship based as much on survival as common interest.

She passed away in the last few weeks.

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I’m a numismatic tourist

Vital Signs

My office held a white elephant party right before Christmas, and I ended up with a 50-state commemorative quarter holder. So now I’ve been obsessing over all the change I get. I have yet to find a Web 2.0 application to keep track of these coins — because really, it would so be easy to build one, I figure someone must have by now — so I’m resorting to an old-fashioned blog entry with an ordered list.

Here’s what I have so far:

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The principle of the matter

Vital Signs

You’re in a store. A salesperson asks whether you need help. You say no because you actually have found what you’re looking for on your own. After a few minutes of more browsing, you start to leave. The salesperson stops you to say he needs to give you a ticket to hand the cashier when you make the purchase. You wonder why he needs you’re telephone number. He explains it’s required in order for him to get his commission on the sale. You take the ticket, but as you walk to the cashier, you realize he is going to get paid for not doing anything at all. What do you do?

Here’s what I did.

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Is it wrong for me to think this is funny? (Yes.)

Vital Signs

I pressed the close-door button on the elevator, and as the door was closing, another guy in the elevator held the door open for another passenger. After he got on, I made it obvious I was pressing the close-door button of the elevator. I got kind of ticked off that this guy would interfere with my intention to not letting anyone else on. But I also had to admit it’s rather dumb for me to be upset about something like that.

Birthday swag

Vital Signs

CDs I bought for myself during my Hawaiʻi visit:

  • Tommy heavenly6, Heavy Starry heavenly
  • Quruli, Zukan
  • ACO, Kittenish Love
  • bloodthirsty butchers, blue on red
  • SUPER JUNKY MONKEY, Parasitic People

Gifts bestowed on me:

  • New pair of shoes
  • $15 iTunes gift card
  • Cash totalling $280 (it went straight into savings)

Being the materialistic bastard I am, I wouldn’t be averse if belated birthday swag came in the form of:

Maui wowie

Vital Signs

It’s a good thing I tell all the bots to bug off from spidering this site because I’d hate for the title of this post to attract folks searching for a certain mind-altering vegetation.

I wrote about driving up Haleakala over at my Vox site. The entry in question also makes a recreational pharmaceutical reference. Wonder what that says about my interests.

In reality, I have to say I understand why visitors are more fond of Maui than Honolulu. Having grown up in Honolulu, I’ve only known city life. Maui is a nice middle ground — just enough urban not to feel isolated but more than enough rural to maintain some rustic. I can only sum up my visit with, "Wow." And I want to return to do all the stuff I didn’t give myself time to.

Oh, and there are pictures.

Debut EP!

Vital Signs

Here it is, folks … the reason I’ve been neglecting all my weblogs in the last week:

enigmatics short-run pressing

Yes, those are actual printed CDs. Sort of. They’re all actually blank, but they’ve been printed with the artwork I provided.

I experimented with using a service called Mixonic, which is the short-run duplication arm of Discmakers (both links point to variations of the same site.) Mixonic allows you to print as few as one CD and as many as 1,000. The whole transaction is self-service through an online interface, right down to designing the cover.

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Cover to cover to cover

Vital Signs

So what have I been doing that I neglect every blog I write? Once again, I’ve been indulging in my wannabe package designer.

A few months back, I bought a cross upgrade to QuarkXpress 7.1. I had an ancient version of PageMaker 6.0 lying around, and I figured I’d leverage it for a switch to Quark. I got it in my head that a layout program such as Quark or Adobe InDesign is a must-have for CD cover design.

Further research revealed that may not actually be the case. A number of local CD duplication services use templates in Illustrator, and the self-service Disc Makers site offers Photoshop templates!

After reading up about how CD duplication works, I started cleaning up the original Eponymous 4 cover designs with actual industry specs and went on a roll. I own a 10-year-old black-and-white laser printer, so the canned covers I could produce with Acoustica were limited. With Quark and Photoshop, I created artwork with a bit more color. (For some, not all.)

I’m still not graphic designer, but I like having tools that give me options.

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Vital Signs

Cigarettes? Check.

Cash? Check.

Ear condoms (a.k.a. earplugs)? Check.

iPod Nano with calendar of bands to see? Check.

Cellphone on? Check.

Wristband? Check.

Loan to buy laptop computer? (Huh? Whu’?) Check.

I think I’m ready for SXSW.