Is it because …? Haaah??

What the fuck was that? “Is it because I’m a lesbian”? Where the hell did that come from?

Sure, it was pretty cathartic to see Serena Southerlyn getting fired — because diety knows how many years Law & Order fans have wanted to say the same thing to Elisabeth Röhm — but? Lesbian? Haaah??

That was so left field, I can’t even begin to come up with all the utterances of confusion to go with it. If she were going to be a gay character, maybe perhaps some of advocacy would have come through somehow in the last few years?

What the hell.

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Welcome to the 11th Dimension

KLRU is airing part two of The Elegant Universe on Tuesday night at 7 p.m. I ran across this special on NOVA while channel surfing one weekend earlier this year. I got so riveted by it that when I discovered a second airing on KLRU2 on the same day, I tuned in again.

Based on the book by Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe explains string theory in a way not unlike Alton Brown’s explanation of food science on Good Eats. Greene, who also hosts the program, breaks the theory down for the non-scientific audience, and the special effects are a lot more pronounced than most PBS science documentaries. The show is also pretty suspenseful.

I had thought about doing the cheap thing and trying to tape the show off my VCR, but it’s available on DVD, so I figure I’ll just be a big old nerd and add it to my wish list. Or I could just watch it online.

Damn liberal media

I gotta wonder …

With all the screeching about indecency on television, how does it feel for all those Puritanical zealots in those Red States — mine included — to face very sympathetic portrayals of gay life in TV drama?

I’d insert links to the whole Desperate Houswives/Monday Night Football and Saving Private Ryan snits but I’m way too lazy and you’ve all heard about it by now.

I’m thinking about some recent episodes of Jack & Bobby on the WB and Cold Case on CBS.

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(Doing It) Our Way

You know what would be cool? An MP3 of Johnny Cash performing the theme song from Laverne & Shirley.

He did it in 1997 for a Nissan commercial. I nearly fell out of my seat with laughter the few times I caught that commercial on TV.

Johnny Cash may be famous for a lot of things, but how can anyone not admire a guy with the balls to cover that theme song?

That’s My Dog

Last Sunday’s Six Feet Under (July 18, 2004) has got to be the most talked about episode ever.

I don’t have HBO, so I haven’t seen anything from seasons 3 or 4. (I’m making my way through the season 2 DVDs now.) With all the talk about it, though, I’m sufficiently spoiled. Check back with me when I see it three years from now, when the season four DVDs come out.

The door what revolves

It’s a good thing I stopped myself from posting about each bit of Law & Order news that’s been popping up in the last few weeks — ‘cos there’s a lot.

First, Jerry Orbach leaves the flagship show to appear in the new spin-off, Law & Order: Trial by Jury.

Next, Dennis Farina was announced to be Orbach’s replacement.

Right now, Jesse L. Martin (swoon!) is in talks for a multi-year extension, which should net him a fine wad of cash.

Finally, Elisabeth Röhm is leaving the show half-way through next season. Jen has come up with the best names for Röhm — LawBarbie and my personal favorite, FemmeBot.

I think the next piece of eye candy to pair with Sam Waterston should be a guy. Garrett Wang could probably use some employment right about now.

P.S. Was it my imagination, or was Waterston is pretty damn hot in that old movie, Man in the Moon?