Boob spelled backward is … boob

Given the thematic bias to all things music in this blog, it would be logical to conclude I may have opinions on the whole Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction”.


I was hanging out at Schlotzsky’s with my fellow online journal writers who were equally ambivalent to all things Super Bowl, so I didn’t even see the game, let alone the half time show.

And even though I’ve found Janet’s fascination with sex tiresome on each of her last four albums, an exposed tit isn’t going to stop me from buying Damita Jo (in stores March 30!)

Grammy post-mortem

Snarking on the Grammys is a fun, easy, popular exercise, which means another blog post bemoaning who lost and who won is, well, pointless.

Instead, I’ll enumerate how many winners just happen to be in my music collection already. That’s probably a better gauge on how little the awards really affect my listening habits.

Of all the winners from the 2004 awards, the only albums I already possess are:

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Backhanded compliments

I thought I’d take the higher ground on this criticism and not respond to it, but not only does it show up on the links page of a site that can’t get my name right, it’s reiterated on a fan forum.

To wit:

“[] sports lots of reviews of Japanese Albums, although the reviews can’t seem to keep from comparing everyone to western artists in the same genre.”

I think this criticism is very short-sighted.

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Misplaced Faith

When I read this headline, I thought, “Why doesn’t it just mention Tim McGraw by name?”

Then I realized — oh, Faith Evans. Not Faith Hill.

It would have been a more interesting story if Faith Hill and Tim McGraw really were arrested on drug possession.

What Would Willie Do?

I may never buy any of his albums, and I may roll my eyes whenever I see yet another “new” CD release from him, but that doesn’t stop Willie Nelson from being really cool.

(Kind of like Johnny Cash, whose CDs I might eventually buy.)