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Sentimental Girl’s Violent Joke

Oh God, Memes ...

Oh how I try to resist music memes. Via Rhinelander.

Choose a band and answer only in song titles by that band: Number Girl

Are you male or female? Brutal Man

Describe yourself: Frustration in my blood

How do some people feel about you? Destruction Baby [RealAudio]

How do you feel about yourself? Teenage Casualties [RealAudio]

Describe your ex-boyfriend/ex-husband: Seiteki Shonen (Sexy Boy)

Describe your current boyfriend/husband: Cramp Discharger [RealAudio]

Describe what you want to be: I don’t know

Describe your current mood: Sappukei

Describe your friends: Girlfriend Girlfriend Girlfriend

Share a few words of wisdom: Fight Fight

I fucking hate memes …

Oh God, Memes ...

… but this one looks like something I can get into. Besides, I’m stealing from Gwen, so it can’t be all that bad.

Ten bands/artists you couldn’t live without:

(yes, very dramatic, which is why I didn’t reach 10)

[1] Duran Duran

[2] Kronos Quartet

[3] Cocco

[4] Number Girl

[5] Shiina Ringo

[6] Wayne Horvitz





Nine albums that are important to you:

[1] Duran Duran, Rio

[2] Kronos Quartet, Black Angels

[3] John Zorn, Naked City

[4] Cocco, Bouganvillia

[5] Emmylou Harris, Wrecking Ball

[6] Robin Holcomb, Robin Holcomb

[7] Number Girl, School Girl Distortional Addict

[8] U2, The Joshua Tree

[9] Shiina Ringo, Shouso Strip

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