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Copying MP3 files from iPod Nano to PC with Mp3tag

Technophilia Aural

I wasn’t amused when I discovered iTunes doesn’t allow transferring MP3 files from an iPod to a PC, but there are tools out there, both commercial and free, to do so. I tried SharePod, but my Japanese-tagged file showed up as question marks in the program’s display. UTF-8, c’est pas?

I noticed my Nano (presumably second generation, since it’s a silver 2GB model) is always enabled as a disk drive, so I poked around the directories through Windows Explorer. I found my MP3 files in some hidden directories, renamed with some random encoded convention.

So I experimented. I launched the very excellent Mp3Tag program and browsed to the music directory on my iPod (//iPod_Control/Music). Lo and behold! Mp3Tag read all the subdirectories.

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Vital Signs

I bought an iPod Nano on Thursday night. It’s a big deal for me because the Cult of Apple disturbs me.

I’m not a target market for Apple products. In fact, Apple marketing efforts tend to alienate me, and the breathless, unquestioned awe Apple fans have about the company’s products creeps me out. And the iTunes Music Store? Dead to me.

I was considering using the criteria chip used to purchase his MP3 player — and given my laziness, I probably would have just bought that same model — but I wasn’t interested features.

I wanted something cheap to take with me on the approximately 9-hour flights to and from Honolulu in April. I thought about an iPod Shuffle, but the lack of an interface would have driven me crazy on the plane. So I went with the cheapest Nano available (2GB Silver). What can I say? The ease of use won me over, and it supports UTF-8, which I like for all those pesky Japanese files I have.

It came in handy yesterday. Every time I bring my car in for servicing, I know I’m going to spend half the day at the dealership. So I bring books to read while I wait. It took five hours for this particular visit because I was getting my air conditioning recharged and the engine belt replaced. The only way I stayed sane was by listening to Shiina Ringo on the Nano.

Given the amount of Shiina Ringo on the player at the moment, I figured I should change the default name to 林檎ちゃん. 林檎 means "apple" in Japanese.

The Nano came with a pair of Apple logo stickers. The only apple branding I want to stick on anything is this one: [椎名林檎 性的ヒーリング]


Vital Signs

It’s official — I’m heading back to Hawaiʻi for a visit from April 24-30.

I will be missing a few of my synthesis classes, but by that time, we’ll be working on our final projects.

It’s rare that I would willingly go back home for a visit. The last two visits were borne of family obligation. This time, I’m actually dropping my own dime for no special occasion.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

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Equality, congruity, synonymity

Teh Gay

Perhaps my perception of the concept of "equality" is too mathematical, because I can’t seem to grasp the reasoning behind the introduction of a bill permitting civil unions in Hawaiʻi.

From the aforementioned linked article:

"I personally support the concept of allowing civil unions," [Gary Hooser (D-Kaua´i-Ni´ihau)] said. "I think it is past time to have the conversation and move the issue forward. We should treat people equally." [article cut] “This is not a marriage,” Hooser said.

It gets better.

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Let down your hair

Vital Signs

Some numerical figures regarding my commute to work today …

  • No. of minutes spent hauling bucket after bucket of hot water to melt the 1/2-inch of ice on the steps outside of my apartment: 20-30
  • No. of minutes spent chipping ice off the windshield and exterior of my car: 20-30
  • No. of minutes spent driving up Lamar Blvd. to get to work because I wanted to avoid the freeway: 60
  • No. of minutes spent heading home on MoPac: 60

It took me two hours to get to work today. I waited till the weathermen reported the temperatures was at least 35 degrees before I started to melt the ice on my steps. In my zealousness to scrape the ice from my car — I used a screwdriver-type tool as an icepick — I ended up scratching the paint on my hood and my windshield. Oops.

I was rather amazed by the 1/2-inch of ice that built up on everything. The sight of my car complete encased in ice was just … weird. When I finally did get big chunks of ice off my car, it was tricky stepping around or through it once it fell on the ground. At one point during my drive up Lamar, a sizable chunk went flying off the hood. It looked like it would hit my windshield, but it didn’t. I was hoping it wouldn’t cause an accident behind me.

All that scraping and melting caught up with me in the afternoon — I wanted to take a nap at my desk.

This weekend, I’m eating out. I’m tired of frozen dinners and my own cooking. I had three days of it.


Vital Signs

I might have enjoyed this whole ice storm thing if I weren’t literally trapped in my apartment for the past three days.

I don’t have any cleated shoes, and I live on the third floor. The steps were iced over, and there was no way I could descend. Well, I could have risked it, but I’m familiar enough with my lack of coordination not to risk breaking my neck or falling on my ass.

At the very least, I wanted to walk around the apartment complex, surveying the snow and ice on the ground. Instead, I had to appreciate it from a distance. And elevation.

I felt like Rapunzel.

It got slightly warmer today, and just to get out, I took my broom and spent an hour or so chipping away at the ice on the steps. I got three steps and a tiny portion of a flight cleared. Then I petered out. I went back in, curled up on the futon and let the fatigue catch up to me.

I’ve been watching the weather reports obsessively, hoping to gauge just when the temperatures will rise enough to melt the ice. Man, I don’t want to have to wait till noon. I didn’t think I’d see myself typing this, but I really wouldn’t mind going to work tomorrow.

Global warming yay!

Vital Signs

I’ve had a four-day weekend this week. On Monday, I could have gone into work, but I didn’t want to risk my life trying to get back home, driving on icy roads. So I called in. Today, the office was closed.

I haven’t heard any rain coming down, so I peeked up from my computer to look out the window. I didn’t expect what I saw.

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Library of Me

Technophilia Social

Ever wondered what occupies space on my bookshelf? No? Oh. Well …

Ryan mentioned LibraryThing on Twitter, and I gave it a whirl. I don’t read as many books as I used to, and even my comic book-reading days — the only type of fiction I’ve been consuming in the last decade — has waned significantly. Still, I managed to max out my free account, which caps a user’s catalog at 200 titles. (My account lists 201, because I deleted a redundant title and added another. Probably a bug.)

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