One thing that amuses me about devout Christians is the fear of God. I remember the "Christian vs. Athiest" episode of Morgan Spurlock’s show 30 Days. The beefy Christian guy on the show was fretting so much about the well-being of his atheist guest’s soul, it made him sound … like a sissy.

Dude — if she’s hellbent, why stand in her way?

It makes me wonder something cruel. If God is someone to be feared, what would happen if it turned out he really didn’t care? Do you continue fearing a higher being who wouldn’t give you the time of day anyway?

God is all-powerful, so I was taught in grade school. In college, it was pointed out that part of his all-encompassing power was an ability to abandon his creations. His followers can’t deny him the free will granted onto them.

I would think ambivalence would be something to fear more than wrath.