You’re in a store. A salesperson asks whether you need help. You say no because you actually have found what you’re looking for on your own. After a few minutes of more browsing, you start to leave. The salesperson stops you to say he needs to give you a ticket to hand the cashier when you make the purchase. You wonder why he needs you’re telephone number. He explains it’s required in order for him to get his commission on the sale. You take the ticket, but as you walk to the cashier, you realize he is going to get paid for not doing anything at all. What do you do?

Here’s what I did.

After realizing the scam the salesperson in question was trying to pull, I was kind of ticked off. But I figured you gotta paid somehow, and that kind of wheedling is probably par for the course. I still didn’t like being the patsy in the scheme though. I did a bit more shopping, and as I passed an employee station, I saw a trash can next to it. I wasn’t originally going to stand on principle, but the trash can was there. So I threw the ticket away.

If you’re going to earn a commission off of me, you actually have to sell me something.