There’s an interview meme going around LiveJournal which I’ve done previously. This time around, it’s Dreama who’s asking the questions. The instructions say to update my Livejournal, but as you can see, my journal is named after its current state: dead.

So I’m posting it here.

  1. Journalism to journalism programming to programming to programming/musician. Is full out musician next? It wasn’t really my intention to get into journalism in college, but I fell into it because the people at the newspaper were just so weird. It wasn’t really my intention to get into journalism programming (or content production, as the saying went back in the late ’90s), but I fell into it because an opportunity arose I couldn’t pass up. It wasn’t really my intention to get into programming, but I fell into it because I hit a wall with my career. It was sort of my intention to do the programming/musician thing because of all the press describing just how convenient home studios have become. It is currently not my intention to become a full-out musician, but given the patterns of the past, I’m not sure how much book you can make on those intentions.

  2. Are you ultimately going to end up in NYC or is it just a delicious pipedream? It’s currently a pipe dream given the current financial forecasts. I’m making enough to live in Austin, but I’m not making enough to save for a move to NYC.

  3. Shiina Ringo or Utada Hikaru or Cocco – discuss. (Not a question. I am a dirty, dirty cheater. LIVE WITH IT!) Ha! You aim to trick me, is this your goal? Hands down, Shiina Ringo. There are far many more nuances to the music of Shiina Ringo that over the years, I’ve been more enamoured of her work more than others. Cocco is terrific for catharsis, but her music is interchangeable. Utada is a pop star, so her constraints are bit more rigid. So there.

  4. Musicwhore, filmwhore, TVwhore, why not just create the omnibus mediawhore or entertainmentwhore and be done with it? I’ve thought about it, actually. Mediawhore domains have been snatched up, alas. Also, has become pretty emblematic of Japanese music, so to dilute that brand may not be in the site’s best interest. (I sound so business-like, don’t I?)

  5. Are you ever going to reveal what the E. stands for? Because come on, dude, I told the world my name on national TV! Really, Eamon, really. Have you tried Google?