I might have enjoyed this whole ice storm thing if I weren’t literally trapped in my apartment for the past three days.

I don’t have any cleated shoes, and I live on the third floor. The steps were iced over, and there was no way I could descend. Well, I could have risked it, but I’m familiar enough with my lack of coordination not to risk breaking my neck or falling on my ass.

At the very least, I wanted to walk around the apartment complex, surveying the snow and ice on the ground. Instead, I had to appreciate it from a distance. And elevation.

I felt like Rapunzel.

It got slightly warmer today, and just to get out, I took my broom and spent an hour or so chipping away at the ice on the steps. I got three steps and a tiny portion of a flight cleared. Then I petered out. I went back in, curled up on the futon and let the fatigue catch up to me.

I’ve been watching the weather reports obsessively, hoping to gauge just when the temperatures will rise enough to melt the ice. Man, I don’t want to have to wait till noon. I didn’t think I’d see myself typing this, but I really wouldn’t mind going to work tomorrow.