I’ve had a four-day weekend this week. On Monday, I could have gone into work, but I didn’t want to risk my life trying to get back home, driving on icy roads. So I called in. Today, the office was closed.

I haven’t heard any rain coming down, so I peeked up from my computer to look out the window. I didn’t expect what I saw.

[Snow! On my steps!]

Yes. Snow. In Texas. It’s not unheard of in maybe the panhandle, but down here in Central Texas? I think the last time that happened was 2004, and it was on overnight event that melted once the sun came up.

It’s 12:30 p.m., lunchtime, and it’s snowing in Austin. Global warming yay!

[More snow on my steps]

[Snow and ice on my balcony]

[Porter Elementary School]

[Parking lot of my apartment complex]

[My car covered in ice and snow]

[A view of the road]