I made my left wrist hurt mighty good on Sunday.

I’d been working all weekend on my NaSoAlMo album, and I was really struggling with NaSoPiAlMo No. 2.

It’s a piece that employs a very active left hand, which I haven’t developed very well. I also use the left hand to CTRL-X, CTRL-C and CTRL-V when I’m working in Cakewalk SONAR. An entire weekend of that left my wrist in a very raw state. That’s what years of being a tech professional does to a person.

I’ve so far recorded 20 of the 29 minutes required for my NaSoAlMo album. Tonight, I wrote and recorded "NaSoPiAlMo No. 6", a 5’30" song that quotes Sigur Rós at the end. I think this song has a vocal version in its future.

So far, I like what I’ve done, even if a few tracks bear too much of a resemblance to their source material. I get downright minimalistic on "NaSoPiAlMo No. 2" and "NaSoPiAlMo No. 5". Too much Michael Nyman.