I keep meaning to write these blog entries, but my blog-writing time (i.e. in the office) is being curtailed by actual, you know, work.

So here’s a note to myself to write:

  • A "Looking ahead" entry (for Musicwhore.org) Written.
  • A declaration of surrender to software developers who set background colors but do not set foreground colors (for this site) Written.
  • A list of (presumably) straight actors who I would like to see play gay at some point (for TVWhore.org) Written.
  • A review of 16/50 by Supercar and/or Long Island Shores by Mindy Smith (for Musicwhore.org) Written and written.
  • A hint to friends who read this site to consider gift cards from Guitar Center when writing my name down on their holiday lists (for this site).

This entry will self-destruct once all these other entries have been written.