If I hadn’t done a Google search for "windows boot external hard drive", I wouldn’t have come across this article which mentioned Acronis True Image.

I’m not a complete stranger to the concept of drive images — my department at work uses them all the time — but it wasn’t until I faced my own backup needs did I need to create an image of my drive.

So I put my old drive back in the machine, downloaded Acronis True Image, installed it, hooked in my new drive with the hard disk enclosure and had the software clone my old drive to the new one.

An hour later, I got the disk transfer I had been trying to accomplish in the last three days.

Yes, I had already reinstalled all my programs, but this morning, I attempted to read the KVUE allergy report, and my browser would crash every time. I suspected it was Flash, but every time I tried to reinstall it, the installer would fizzle out.

I didn’t want installation bugs popping up at unexpected moments — I wanted my old drive copied to my new drive.

And now I do.

I would so love to buy a license for it, but it costs $44.95. Pretty cheap, but I just spent:

USB/eSATA hard disk enclosure $75.76
160GB SATA internal hard drive $86.59
Womble MPEG Video Wizard $69.00
512 MB of RAM $75.76
Pinnacle Studio 10 (which I will never use) $48.71
Sony DRU-802a CD/DVD writeable drive $99.58
TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 license $37.00
TOTAL $492.40

All these upgrades had to be made at some point.

Maybe I’ll get a license after I find out how much of a raise I might be getting.