Monday: ATM in my office eats my card. I cancel it but now must way for a new one to arrive in the mail.

Tuesday: One of my trashy neighbors decides it would be fun to start screaming into a karaoke machine with the echo on full at 4 a.m. Sleep-deprived, I show up to work and call the apartment office to find out how to get that motherfucker evicted.

Wednesday: An upgrade to a new internal drive goes horribly bad because I have only one SATA port with which to do a data transfer. It would have been easier if I could have set up a master and slave, but SATA doesn’t support that.

Thursday: My TiVo stops responding to the remote control, thereby forcing a reboot. Purchase of a hard drive enclosure still can’t address the data transfer, so I spend the entire night reinstalling Windows and all my applications. I wonder whether it’s a Mercury retrograde. (It’s not.)

Friday: I don’t know yet. The day has just begun. My mind tends to go to very dark places.