I’ve seen numerous blog entries and articles about how to survive the ACL Music Festival. Here’s my advice: don’t go.

I worked at the very first festival, and it scarred me for life. My perception of the festival is perhaps colored by the fact that in the three years I’ve gone, I was never there to have fun. I was there to make sure drunken assholes and juvenile delinquints didn’t take five-finger discounts.

My own plan is to stay in this weekend, perhaps watch some DVDs or working on either a music or video project.

If I were to peek outside at any point of the weekend, I’d probably do something like …

  • Sign up for a volunteer shift for aGLIFF. The final two volunteer orientations happen this weekend at the Rainbow Cattle Co. Visit the aGLIFF web site for more info.

  • Watch Idiocracy before its criminally-negligent limited run ends. My friend Jette has really been encouraging folks to go see this movie. She says it’s not a masterpiece but deserves better than how 20th Century Fox has handled it. Idiocracy was directed by Austinite Mike Judge, he of King of the Hill fame.

  • Celebrate the birthday of avant-garde composer John Cage with pianist Michelle Schumann at her concert on Saturday. (And there’s still more Shostakovich to be had after this weekend as well.)

  • Get a medium-size sushi platter at DK’s Seoul Restaurant and Sushi Bar. It’s located on South First, far enough from the ACL crowds. I hope.

  • Pick up the latest novel by Andrew Vachss.

I admit, the festival has a way of overflowing to the rest of the city, so there’s really no point in fighting it.

I don’t mind. I know where I won’t be this weekend.