I was writing about post-break-up Supercar projects when I saw an interesting headline on Bounce.com. It read:



LGBT magazine, yes, vol. 2

In other words, the second issue of a new lesbian/gay/bi/transgendered magazine, yes, is now out. In this issue? An interview with Heath Ledger about Brokeback Mountain.

Hell, I didn’t even know there was a vol. 1. Japan isn’t that much better than the US when it comes to tolerance, but if the launch of a gay lifestyle magazine by a major retailer in Japan is any indication, the pink yen is about as attractive as the pink dollar in the US and the pink pound in the UK.

I think the thing that will ultimately tip the scales in favor of gay rights is business interest — the buying power of a gay urbanite will prove too lucrative to heed the threats of religious boycotts.

To put in less flattering and more demonizing terms, the clean-cut faggot is a far more attractive customer than the screech-happy white trash.