Yearly Archives: 2006

Forced vacation

Vital Signs

Since the evening of Christmas Eve, the pinky and ring fingers on my left hand have been numb. I went to the doctor on Friday to find out why. Looks like there’s a pinched never somewhere near my funny bone, and at some point, the numbness should go away.

But in an effort not to excaberate the numbness, I’ve been staying away from posting to my sites or working in the studio. In short, I’ve been forced on vacation from all my side projects. If I am sitting in front of my computer, it’s to browse around, which means overusing my right hand with the mouse — not a great alternative.

So I’m going to post a few items today and spend the rest of the weekend either cleaning or watching TV. I think there’s an SVU marathon on USA today …

It doesn’t taste like chicken?


Since I have never questioned my homosexuality, I have never had to ponder this taste. I was, however, conned into licking a 9V battery when I was in fourth grade, and that experience is forever etched into my mind. Is that what it really tastes like?

Dueling instincts


I’m not sure how I ever became both lazy and particular.

For a guy who loves efficiency, I really do make things difficult for myself. Rather than let Movable Type handle all the details of publishing my sites, I instead code my interface to the database backend. When was more of a monstrosity, I could justify the extended code.

These days, I’m just set in my ways. I don’t want a bunch of static files sitting on my web space. I should know better — serving up static files is much more merciful on the processor than forcing it query a database and build content on the fly.

So in trying to make things simpler, I’ve made them more complex.

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What I learned, part the second: What’s in the envelope?

Technophilia Aural

I spent yesterday remixing "Hear the Wind Sing".

After receiving the Kawai K4 I bought on eBay, I went back to this song to fix some of the issues I left hanging after I reached a "stopping point". That must have been more than a year ago.

My big impetus was to use a sound not included in the factory preset system exclusive files made available on the Kawai support web site. It was this weird, voice-type patch that I loved. I managed to find it on a mailing list.

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What I learned, part the first: Am I not developer?

Technophilia Professional

If you want to call me a "web developer" or a "computer programmer" or anything along those lines, I won’t argue. It’s how I’ve earned a paycheck for the past six years (give or take a year.)

But I don’t claim an entitlement to that label.

My development skills were learned on the job, and there are big gaps in my knowledge that a trained engineer or programmer fills at the outset. I didn’t even know the way I build my sites actually has a name.

So 2006 comes to a close, and what do I know that I didn’t know before? Let me list the ways:

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