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Music and meaning

I was randomly browsing my Amazon Wish List when I noticed the entry for Howards End had an “Add to Cart” link next to it. The DVD has been out of print for a while now, so it made me wonder — is it back in print? And if so, is there a deluxe edition coming out?

A quick search confirmed — an expanded edition of Howards End gets released on Feb. 15.

I was about ready to get this DVD from the UK (although it looks that edition is out of print since the deluxe edition has been available there since last year). Now I won’t have to.

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But what about Mac?

David James Elliott is leaving JAG at the end of this season. He’s heading to ABC with a development deal — he’s either going to get cast in an existing show or get an entirely new show.

I’d love to see him on Desperate Housewives, if only to add more eye candy to that show. (But could the show handle the sexiness of both him and James Denton?)

Perhaps the best part of this news is that I no longer have to sit through all the military bravado of JAG to oggle at DJE. I had enough military rhetoric growing up — I don’t need it in my entertainment.

Assuming, of course, his next show doesn’t suck …

What’s in your console?

I’m a dweeb for finding this amusing, but in the office, I’ll sometimes have Mozilla’s JavaScript Console open to debug scripts I’m working on.

My ALT+TAB switching occasionally brings me to the console instead of my browser, and I get a quick shock at the number of debugging errors that popped into the console just from random web surfing.

I’ll think “tsk tsk” when I see the errors but the remember the whole glass houses thing — I’m sure my sites generate their own errors. (In fact, Movable Type seems to be generating some errors itself. Hmm …)

Get around PHPSESSID on Dreamhost

Dreamhost sets the annoying PHP configuration value session.use_trans_sid to true by default. That means the first time you visit a site hosted on Dreamhost using PHP sessions, the session ID is appended to the links in your page as a query string.

Not only does this make URLs ugly as hell, but it makes me uneasy thinking a user’s session ID — which is used to store information usually handled by cookies — is plastered all over a page.

Since I can’t edit Dreamhost’s php.ini file, I have to handle the configuration on my end. I run PHP as a CGI, so using ini_set to configure session.use_trans_sid or editing .htaccess won’t work.

But this very helpful article suggests using ini_set("url_rewriter.tags","") instead. Well, it works! No more ugly URLs!

Although I should probably be proactive and e-mail Dreamhost support to tell to turn the damn configuration value off.

Is it because …? Haaah??

What the fuck was that? “Is it because I’m a lesbian”? Where the hell did that come from?

Sure, it was pretty cathartic to see Serena Southerlyn getting fired — because diety knows how many years Law & Order fans have wanted to say the same thing to Elisabeth Röhm — but? Lesbian? Haaah??

That was so left field, I can’t even begin to come up with all the utterances of confusion to go with it. If she were going to be a gay character, maybe perhaps some of advocacy would have come through somehow in the last few years?

What the hell.

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Super pop & gay!!!

Teh Gay

Super pop and gay — one of my managers at Waterloo Records covered her nametag with a sticker from Barsuk Records that proclaimed this phrase. So far, it looks like it’s confined to the label’s message board. And even though the usage of the word “gay” isn’t very good in this context, I like the phrase anyway.

In fact, I think it’s prime for comandeering. Sure, the people who coined the phrase may snicker when gay musicians start describing themselves as “super pop and gay”, but they’re probably not going to be the audience for the music in the first place. There’s something humorous about it that could be turned to something positive.