I guess this site is becoming my TV blog. Yet more comments about the current TV season …

  • I should really make a better attempt to squeeze both Everybody Hates Chris and The Boondocks in my appointment television viewing, but The Boondocks is so much more scathing. Thursday has also become my day off from TV, so it’s hard to catch up with Everybody Hates Chris when it airs on Thursday. As it stands, The Boondocks is it. I may to have to sacrifice something on my pre-programmed VCR taping.
  • I always thought Huey Freeman would be the rambunctuous one on The Boondocks, but he comes across as the conscience of the show. Riley, on the other hand, needs a beating. (Which is the intent.)
  • I just finished the first season of the new Battlestar Galactica on DVD. Damn it. Does that mean I’m going to be spending my Friday nights watching Sc-Fi channel now?
  • Who else is fascinated by Stephen Colbert’s asymetrical right ear?
  • Earlier this month, NBCU announced it would launch a new cable channel named Sleuth. Described as a crime, mystery and suspense channel, the first offerings from the new network will be such mysterious and suspenseful old shows as The A-Team, Miami Vice and Knight Rider. Huh? For a channel called Sleuth, you might think some Homicide: Life in the Streets would be in order. Frankly, my first reaction was, “Oh! The 24-hour Law & Order channel is becoming a reality!”
  • Naveen Andrews’ Middle Eastern accent on Lost always struck me as not English enough, but when I watched the DVD extras on the season one set, I was taken aback by how heavy his Cockney is. He’s harder to understand than Dominic Monaghan. As for Josh Holloway — I heard his accent on the extras, and quite frankly, he’s still holding it back on the show. He needs to just let that thing hang.