Some comments about the new television seasons …

  • There was a historical continuity error on Everybody Hates Chris a few weeks ago. In one scene, Chris explains how the principal of his school “unwound with friends”. The principal was dancing in a gay bar with Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” playing in the background. The show is set in Brooklyn 1982. “Relax” wasn’t released as a single till 1984.
  • Where the hell is Donna this season on The West Wing? It’s bad enough Dulé Hill is leaving the show. Janel Moloney isn’t even shown in the opening credits.
  • Watching a skilled actor handle the final scene on this past week’s Law & Order makes me glad LawBarbie ain’t around any more. Borgia (Annie Parisse) looked genuinely scared when the gangbanger said, “Tell your boss we were this close.” FemmeBot would have fucked up that scene nine ways to Sunday. (What is the etymology of that phrase anyway? Nine ways to Sunday?)
  • Andrew is such an asshole on Desperate Housewives, and yet, I am hoping his brand of psycho assholery saves the day against the psychotic scheming of George. Someone on TWOP suggested Andrew ought to seduce George. Thing is, that sounds entirely plausible, given how both are batshit crazy. George does seem pretty fey. Yum: Adrian Pasdar! Yuk: Adrian Pasdar’s sideburns!
  • Speaking of which, I’m so glad Alton Brown got rid of his. I do have to say, Deb Duchon is fast becoming my favorite recurring “character” next to W. (“Character” in quotes because Duchon is a real anthropologist.) She’s willing to go along with AB’s crazy antics, and in recent seasons, those antics are getting crazier. Dressing up as a nun and slapping AB with a stick? Priceless!
  • Lost viewers: How many people out there think Josh Holloway makes a lousy redneck? I don’t buy his accent at all. I know he’s supposed to be hard-boiled and shit, but at first I thought he was Australian, not southern because that accent sounds fake as all get-out. Topic shift — Terry O’Quinn will always be for me a gay executive on L&O: CI and the not-Fitz on The West Wing.
  • Wow. Fin’s son on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is gay. That’s a surprising twist.
  • Man did this past week’s episode of Gilmore Girls do nothing. The promo for that episode gave the entire episode away. The episode the week before had me cracking up when Kirk did his interpretative dance. How many people recognized the background music? It was Koyaanisqatsi by Phillip Glass. Nothing says pretentious performance art parody than Phillip Glass.