I was randomly browsing my Amazon Wish List when I noticed the entry for Howards End had an “Add to Cart” link next to it. The DVD has been out of print for a while now, so it made me wonder — is it back in print? And if so, is there a deluxe edition coming out?

A quick search confirmed — an expanded edition of Howards End gets released on Feb. 15.

I was about ready to get this DVD from the UK (although it looks that edition is out of print since the deluxe edition has been available there since last year). Now I won’t have to.

Also out on DVD is Shall we DANSU? — and I’m transliterating the kana to differentiate the original Japanese film from the US version released last year. I had a hankering to watch this movie on DVD a few months ago, but it wasn’t available at the time. I guess they were waiting for Shall We Dance? to move to DVD so that folks can do a comparrison.

In fact, I, um, rented the US version just to see how much got lost in translation.