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Lasers and mirrors


I heard about this game a long time ago (damn you Metafilter), but I didn’t get around to playing it till this week. Oh. My. Goofness. I am addicted. Addicted! And I’m determined to get through all the levels. I was so stumped by level 17, I found some spoilers. Shh!

Update: I managed to get through all 25 levels, and I only punked out of two of them. That is, I looked at the spoilers. But two out 25 — that’s pretty good. I managed to figure out the rest of them. That’s good, right?



In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed Hotmail — or rather, the Passport Network which handles Hotmail logins — has been incredibly temperamental. This morning, I had a tough time getting responses from Passport whenever I tried to do something in Hotmail — from checking my inbox to clearing out the junk mail box.

I’ve also noticed the signout page from Hotmail goes days without updates. After Hurricane Rita had passed, the big story on that signout page was the hurricane making landfall.

Oddly enough, remains fully updated. Between system updates that break computers and now musty content, is it more proof of rot?

Logan returns

I never did catch the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode last season that reintroduced Det. Mike Logan. I don’t think it ever got syndicated on USA.

So pretty much tonight’s (10/02) CI is the first time I’ve seen Logan back in action. (And no, I didn’t watch Exile.)

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Season premieres

Ah, yes — the fall TV season has begun, and now my VCR is in overdrive.

I just finished watching the premieres of Desperate Housewives and The West Wing. The Gilmore Girls premiere was two weeks ago, and only Law & Order: Criminal Intent is the only premiere of that family I have yet to catch. (I’ll watch it on USA.)

So let me get all meta and bore you with my opinions of these premieres.

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