I broke down and downloaded iTunes.

I was too weak to resist the new Utada Hikaru single from her forthcoming English-language debut.

(And I will continue to refer to her as “Utada Hikaru” and not the abbreviated “Utada”, under which she’ll be billed in the Americas.)

God, I hate putting fraction-cents into Steve Jobs’ pockets. I’m pretty ambivalent about Apple products in general, but the thing I can’t tolerate more than a really vicious product cycle (via Doriima) is the fanboy userbase.

OK, you like your Macs. Shut the fuck up already.

(Actually, I did use an iMac with OS 9 on it a few months ago, and man did that bug the shit out of me. It’s like working in an environment powered completely by Flash animation. How annoying. Prior to that, the last Mac OS I used was System 7.)

I’ve been questioning whether Duran Duran has a co-dependent relationship with its fans. Perhaps the same thing can be said about Apple users.

The only Apple I like is responsible for a Tokyo disaster.

What do I think of iTunes? I haven’t played around with it enough to say, really.

But I’m not buying an iPod. My life doesn’t require the use of a Walkman, let alone a portable MP3 player. And I’d rather use that $300 toward downpayment on a car.