Rather than post individual entries from one news source, I figure put all three in one post.

First, the Bottom Line has been evicted. I never visited the club in the 9 months I lived in New York City more than 10 years ago, but I remember the predominant ads in the Voice’s club listings. Three years of unpaid rent? I knew this economy was harsh, but damn …

The Bad Plus is releasing a new album, titled Give, on March 9. Covers of Black Sabbath and the Pixies included. These Are the Vistas had hovered on my year-end favorite list for most of this year but was finally dislodged by OutKast and Nirgilis. (I keep mentioning this list, but I haven’t published it yet. Hmm.)

Lastly, the events leading to Michael Jackson’s arrest. Yeah, yeah, tabloid hell. But Billboard’s reading of it comes across as pretty even keeled.