The Grammy nominations were announced today, and I was so ready to unleash the snark.

But as I scrolled through the bottom of the page, I made a startling discovery.

Evidently, Kronos Quartet shares the bill with a London troupe called the Tiger Lillies on an album titled The Gorey End. So I went to Amazon to listen to some audio clips.

Bizarre. One of the reviewers called it Tiny Tim meets Mannheim Steamroller. I knew Kronos was fair game for anything — hell, it slummed with Dave Matthews and Nelly Furtado — but something as unsettling as The Gorey End? It’s both unsurprising and startling.

And how is it I hadn’t even heard about this collaboration? For starts, Kronos doesn’t even list it in its discography.

Something else that surprised me — three of the nominees in the Latin Alternative album category are albums I reviewed favorably in, two of them esconed safely on my year-end favorite list.

(If you’re curious, the albums in question are Molotov’s Dance and Dense Denso, Caf