This search result won’t qualify as a Googlewhack, but when I did a quoted search on “black indie rock bands“, I got a single result to a Billboard magazine site, which requires registration.

I’m doing a Black History Month theme for February’s reviews, and I want to spend a week featuring black artists performing music not usually considered “black”. I’ve so far got Audra McDonald (a theater singer) and Living Colour (a metal band).

Why should I be shocked and surprised there are no (widely known) black contemporaries of, say, Death Cab for Cutie or Spoon? Of Caitlin Cary or Wilco?

Name me a black artist who doesn’t perform jazz or blues or hip-hop or urban pop. Name me a black artist who does perform indie rock, country, punk or metal.

(I already know about Charley Pride, Fishbone and Bad Brains, so they don’t count.)