Yearly Archives: 2003

Will compose for heat

A piece composed by Claude Debussy in exchange for coal receives its US premiere.

Debussy wrote the piece, titled “Les Soirs Illimines Par L’ardeur Du Charbon” (“Evenings Lit By Glowing Coal”), as payment for a supply of coal to last during the winter of 1917, i.e. during World War I. The score remained at the bottom of a trunk owned by the coalman for whom the piece was written.

The work was auctioned shortly after its discovery in 2001 and has since been performed in Europe.

Name one

This search result won’t qualify as a Googlewhack, but when I did a quoted search on “black indie rock bands“, I got a single result to a Billboard magazine site, which requires registration.

I’m doing a Black History Month theme for February’s reviews, and I want to spend a week featuring black artists performing music not usually considered “black”. I’ve so far got Audra McDonald (a theater singer) and Living Colour (a metal band).

Why should I be shocked and surprised there are no (widely known) black contemporaries of, say, Death Cab for Cutie or Spoon? Of Caitlin Cary or Wilco?

Name me a black artist who doesn’t perform jazz or blues or hip-hop or urban pop. Name me a black artist who does perform indie rock, country, punk or metal.

(I already know about Charley Pride, Fishbone and Bad Brains, so they don’t count.)