Huh. I never had much of an ambition to be a filmmaker. At most, I’d maybe want to write something for TV, but the whole idea of creating something to watch from the ground up? It doesn’t fascinate me as much as getting into the minutiae of a piece of music.
Music videos are a long way from a feature-length film, but two videos I made in the last couple of weeks have gotten me wanting to experiment with the medium further.
Hell, I’m already thinking of making a DVD album out of Original Confidence.
I’ve spent the last weeks experimenting with 2-D animation software, even though I haven’t drawn anything on paper since high school. And I also looked up what it takes to make greenscreen effects. I even caught myself looking up prices for camcorders. Yeah, that bad.
So I’m just going to jot down some of the ideas I have for future videos, since I seem to be heading down this path already.

  • Untold Demons. This video might require construction of a greenscreen, and I do want to experiment with splitting the screen so two of me can be in a scene at one time. I also need to get an easal and a big pad of paper. That will be the main prop.
  • Revulsion For some reason, I want to make this an animated video. But I’m way too impatient to draw each individual frame. So I may bastardize the rotoscoping technique a bit. I didn’t do anything quite as ambitious, but it did require a greenscreen and some high contrast.
  • Go This video might actually require a storyline. And actors. I’m less inclined to make this one. Whatever it is, it’ll be modeled a lot after Cocco’s "Yawaraka na Kizuato" video.
  • Imprint I originally thought maybe this would be the animated video, but I’m thinking this one would have no lip syncing in it.
  • Epiphany The concept is simple: maneki neko (the beckoning cat) hangs out around town.

Now that I’ve invested in some rudimentary camera equipment, I’m thinking of shooting more footage for "Speechless" and re-editing it.
Yeah, I’m not writing any new music this year for sure.