Yearly Archives: 2007

「ドキュメンテーション」 (June 2007)

I bought a laptop back in March, just so I could have a computer with me when I went back to Honolulu for vacation. Of course, I can also use that laptop to get away from the apartment and do some work. So I took it to a coffeehouse and jotted down some lyrics. Not sure if they’ll eventually turn into songs.

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An inappropriate use of resources

Am I making music or software?
It’s a question I’ve asked twice.
First I create a documentation site for my studio. (I’m surprised I didn’t use a Wiki. Huh. Wiki …) Now I’ve launched a Bugzilla site to track the tasks for my demos.
Hell, I was actually looking at revision control systems — Trac, in particular — to manage the different versions of my demos. Take a peek into my hard drive, and you’ll see I’ve named my output audio with version numbers.
Am I making music or software?

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As productive as I’ve been in my studio, it’s not exactly state-of-the-art. At times, I have to be really creative with how I route signals, and sometimes I forget why I set things up the way I do.
I had published an entry in this very space to document some of that stuff, but when I discovered how much I still had to write, I figured a separate web site was in order.
I’m putting it online so I can access it anytime (assuming my web host doesn’t have any disastrous maintenance flubs.)
A funny thing is happening now that I’m writing some of this stuff down. Instinctively, I knew the way mixed down tracks — and the naming convention for my tracks — were a bit unwieldy. Now that I’ve actually documented it, those conventions look ridiculous. So now I get to figure out how I’m going to restructure 70 some odd projects.
And I’m sure there are many more things I do in the studio that I ought to be noting. I just can’t think of them yet.