It seems right around this time of year, I initiate a shinkyoku moratorium, when I promise to write no new material till after a certain time.
Most shinkyoku moratorium are attempts to curb my overproductivity, but this time, I’m calling one to take care of something not related at all to music. I need to get my weight under control, so I’ve started to walk the treadmill every night. It’s sufficiently time-consuming to cause potential conflict with any future creative spurts.
So I’m not going to work on music from now till after the start of the year. At that point, I’ll see how much progress I’ve made on the health front to determine whether shinkyoku moratorium needs to continue.
I’m also making the decision not to participate in NaSoAlMo this year. If I were to participate, I would want to spend every spare moment writing and recording. Right now, the weight issue is more pressing. I’m also dodging a bullet with this decision — I was seriously going to write a string quartet album, but I haven’t really studied any scores yet to prepare.
During those hours I’m not working out — or researching about losing weight — I’ll be concentrating on works currently in progress. I have far too many vocals to record, and now I have the environment to finish them.
So we’ll see how this shinkyoku moratorium turns out.