I think I’m writing a country album. No, really.
On Thursday night, I recorded music for "What I Deserve". The reverb on the guitar makes it sound like New Order, but the distorted guitar in the chorus keeps it from diving too deeply in New Wave. But what does it really sound like?
The following night, I did the music for 「」, and it felt like something familiar — not exactly Caitlin Cary, but that was my first instinct. As it turned out, I was channeling Camper Van Beethoven’s "Sweethearts", and 「今」 became a country song. Hearing it together with "What I Deserve" put the latter song in a new context.
And that violin sounds kind of nice. So now I want to use it when I can.

Today, I recorded music for 「健忘症」, and I threw in the violin in, even though it doesn’t really sound very country. The chord progression itself doesn’t come close to a country song. It’s an interesting piece though.
I also recorded 「光がない」, which was really an outtake from Revulsion. It’s definitely not country, but it’s probably a bit too close to Number Girl’s 「真昼間ガール」.
But just a while ago, I started a few measures of 「跡なし」, and the violin is back, sounding as country as ever.
Don’t believe me? Take a listen:

I think it’s an interesting direction to take. I started listening to country music about two years before I moved to Austin, and I don’t shy away from it at all. But I’ve never attempted to write anything with even the remote influence of country.
Now it looks like I have an opportunity to let that happen. Of course, my writing country is like Tim McGraw singing Ancient Voices for Children. I hope it turns out all right.