I went to Café Caffeine tonight to see if I could eke out one more lyric. Unfortunately, there was a crowd at a nearby table making a lot of noise. I couldn’t concentrate, and it was about an hour before that party dispersed.
Even after everything had gone quiet, I came to the realization I just didn’t have anything. When the lyric I wrote last night began with the frank assessment, "I think I’m running out of steam", I kind of knew the streak was ending.
It didn’t help that last night, I started to pluck out some melodies for these songs.
So even though I feel far short of the intended 24-26 lyrics I wanted prepared, 16 is no number to sneeze at either. I’ve got a nice cushion with which to narrow down to 12. Or I could use all 16. Just as likely, I could end up scrapping half of them and require another session of marathon writing to make up for the deficit.
Regardless, I’ve got the seeds for 16 completely new songs. This work isn’t stuff that had a genesis elsewhere — no unfinished sketches, no reworked versions. It will be the work that reflects who I am as a writer at this point of time.
Scary, isn’t it?