When I uttered to myself, "I ought to be doing …", I knew I had the makings of a New Year’s Resolution.
I’ve already put myself on another shinkyoku moratorium, with an action item list to last me through the year.
One of those items is "Continue to finish the songs written up till now, Oct. 29, 2006." I spelled out that vague statement in painstaking detail, and two task seems to bear repeating: "Rehearse lyrics" and "Record vocals".
You see where I’m going with this.

I bought a second mic stand so I could set up my dynamic mic as a rehearsal mic. I didn’t want to keep readjusting my first mic stand whenever I had to switch between rehearsing and recording.
Thing is, I haven’t been rehearsing. So that second mic stand isn’t really being utilized. I guess it’s high time I start utilizing it.
Here, then, is my New Year’s Resolution for 2007.
Be it resolved that one (1) Gregory E. Bueno rehearse singing his own songs at least four times a week for at least 1/2 hour a day, with the intent to rehearse everyday for an hour.
Of course, I have dispensation for illness which effects my voice. Colds and allergies can put a kibbosh on such activities.
If I’m busy rehearsing the songs I’ve already written, I won’t be tempted to compound the amount of work I’ve already piled on myself by writing more material. Now that I found an elusive patch for the Kawai K4, I’ve been thinking about re-recording one of the first songs I wrote on the synthesizer, perhaps fashioning a dance album out of it.
I’ve recorded four hours worth of material, and I’ve written words to music I don’t even know. That has to change.
I still have the other items on my shinkyoku moratorium action list to get through as well.