I’ve been saying over and over again how I wouldn’t sign up for NaSoAlMo but I’d participate anyway.
Well, I signed up. See? And now I’ve hit a wall.
What killed the momentum was "NaSoPiAlMo No. 6". I have to say, I like this song so much, I’m probably going to arrange it for a full band and add some lyrics.
I’m sufficiently knocked out by that piece, I really don’t know what I could do to follow it up.

The album, so far, is shaping up nicely. "No. 3" needs a quicker tempo, but other than that, the pieces all seem to work together.
I’ve been listening to a lot of piano music just to find inspiration. On eMusic, I grabbed a collection of piano works by Philip Glass and John Cage. I’m thinking about downloading John Adams’ "Phrygian Gates". And I just may drop money to find Michael Nyman’s "The Piano Concerto".
Of course, I keep going back to Eluvium’s An Accidental Memory in Case of Death. I like how this album refers to classical music without actually attempting to pass itself off as such, nor does it fall into new age claptrap.
If only there were more music like this.