I should have read the description more carefully.
I wanted to listen to a performance version of Michael Nyman’s score to the film The Piano, so I ordered a recording he made on his own label from Amazon UK. It’s already getting prepared to ship, so I can’t cancel the order.
There are two pieces in my sheet music — "The Attraction of the Pedalling Ankle" and "Deep Sleep Playing" — I want to hear performed, but no one seems to have recorded them, not even Nyman himself.
I’m reaquainting myself with The Piano as further inspiration for NaSoPiAlMo. I’m even toying with the idea of learning all the pieces in my sheet music to record for a future Eponymous 4 project.
While I wait for that concert suite to arrive, I downloaded a Naxos recording of Nyman’s Piano Concerto, which is based on the film score. It’s a nice piece.

On Tuesday, I went to Waterloo Records to pick up an album of Erik Satie piano works. An Accidental Memory in Case of Death is incredibly impressionistic, so I think listening to Satie would be a good resource.
While I was there, I threw in Eluvium’s most recent release, When I Live by the Garden and the Sea. I thought there was a piano piece on there, but there isn’t.
So yes, I think I’m taking this NaSoPiAlMo endeavor more seriously than I imagined. I’m thisclose to signing up, but I don’t know if opening myself to that kind of accountability will really work.
If there’s anything preventing me from embracing NaSoAlMo entirely is the fact I really want to work on vocals. I bought a second microphone stand last week so I could use my Shure SM57 for rehearsal. I’ve been plugging the mic into the mixer and listening to my vocals on headphones.
Recording vocals takes time, and I don’t want to spread myself thin by recording another album for the entire month of November.