I signed up for TiVo back in late July, and in the last two months, I’ve been diving into the wild and frustrating world of digital video — all because I just wanted to edit out the commercials from my downloaded TiVo files.
My, how long we’ve come from taping off from live TV and pausing the tape during commercial breaks.
After a month of fiddling with various and sundry software, I started developing the notion that perhaps I can use these burgeoning video skills for something more ambitious.
Like, say, a music video. For Eponymous 4.
Well, I just got back from a nighttime drive where I took my digital point-and-shoot camera and recorded six minutes of video. I put the camera on the dash, headed straight for the freeway and drove.
I could do something like draw a storyboard or something, but I think I’ll do this thing guerilla-style. I’m just going to shoot, shoot, shoot and see if I can make heads or tails of with what I end up.
I may need some larger flash memory cards.

[UPDATE, Saturday.2006.09.16 20:48] Huh. And here I thought I was going to take hours worth of footage, and cut something up. Instead, I took the six minutes of driving and spliced it up every which way.
I made up the editing as I went along, and I think some parts are a little clever. Most of it just screams "cheap!"
But hey — nighttime drive, introspective piano piece … pretty obvious combination no?

If the embedded video doesn’t show up in your feed reader, the YouTube is all you need.