Some gimmicks …

  • After considering whether the Sequentia from the Requiem mass could serve as a separate piece, I thought the kind of music possibly best suited for the fire and brimstone text would be post-rock. I’m talking Explosions in the Sky, mono, Eluvium, whoever is on the Temporary Residence label. Most of that music is instrumental, so it’ll be interesting for me to adapt vocals to it.

  • Remember the idea for a religious album? That’s what Requiem is going to be. (Odd that I titled that entry "Christian Burial Music".) I also took baby steps in the pillaging of A Ghost In My Shadow. I created a folder in my Cakewalk working directory for A Ghost In My Shadow 2.0. I’m still working out what will go where.

  • I wrote a lyric this morning — which I’ve posted — and I didn’t feel like giving it an English title. So I went with Japanese instead. It occurred to me a common practice with Japanese songwriters is to use English titles, even when they’re singing in Japanese. Why can’t it work the other way around? As such, I’ll title songs for this lyrics-first project in Japanese. I can’t seem to find a really appropriate translation for "What I Deserve", but "The Speed of Light" is now 「光速」, while 「光がない」 remains 「光がない」.