Yearly Archives: 2005


Oh, man, does the level of my own neglect suprise the fuck out of me.
I went ahead and just barrelled through the end of the new song I’m fleshing out. I’m pretty sure I’ll go back and tweak a number of things, but for now, I’m satisfied with the overall direction of it.
So I hooked up my mixer to my computer, fiddled around with the levels of both the sound card and the mixer and made a quick recording of it on my hard drive.
After I exported it to MP3, I added it to the left-side navigation of my main personal site — it’s labeled “Untitled (ACO 1)(download) under the Eponymous 4 heading — and clicked on it.
(Ed. note: Since the publication of this entry, “Untitled (ACO 1)” has since become “Our Best Wasn’t Enough”)
The link was broken.
In fact, the link was redirecting me to my local machine.
I’m not sure how many months it’s been like this, but I forgot to change a configuration setting in my script to indicate it was a production environment, not a development environment.
In other words, I have no idea how long people have not been able to download my own music. In fact, no one informed me the links were broken because, well, no one downloads my own music.
Not even myself. (Not like there’s a reason for me to do so, but still …)
So I switched the setting, tested the link, and now a very shoddy recording of a sketch of a song I’m still working on is available for preview.
(And, um, I’d appreciate some feedback from the peanut gallery about it. If you have an account, you can even post a comment down below.)
But this sound is somewhat close to what I want to write for the next Eponymous 4 project. I may even comandeer some tracks from A Ghost in My Shadow.
I hope I can pull it off.

Oh, and I’m aiming for a full-length release — 10 to 12 songs. At least a number more than five.